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The Landsharks have opened up for Jimmy Buffett, in concert!

The Landsharks have opened up for The Beach Boys, in concert!

Landsharks are pictured below, performing with Jimmy Buffett, at Margaritaville!

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       The Landsharks Band is part of Beach Music History.  This World Famous Beach Band has done it all!  They've played with Jimmy Buffett in concert, and at Margaritaville, They've opened up for The Beach Boys, in concert, (most recently in 2012)!  The Landsharks have played The NBC Television Pre-Game party AT THE SUPERBOWL!  The  Landsharks have  played over 100s of shows in Disney, and Universal Studios, and also played for the troops, overseas!  The Landsharks travel the world, playing everywhere!

This beach band has played in concert, with Jimmy Buffett, the Beach Boys Band, and more.
This beach band's show is fun and interactive!
    LandSharks Band Beach Band has performed with Jimmy Buffett and The Beach Boys band, in concert, and is a part of Beach Music History.  The Landsharks beach band performs all over the world including at beach concerts and beach festivals on the East Coast and also the West Coast of The USA, the Bahamas, The Caribbean, Mexico, europe, and the world. Florida, California, South Carolina, North Carolina, New Jersey, and everywhere else!

Beach Bands - Beach Bands come and go, but The Landsharks beach band has been playing together for over 20 years!

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